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-Well #7 Demolition and Sealing
Written by Kris Knutson   
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 12:53

In April, 2011, Well #7 in our South Buffalo Aquifer Well-field was sealed and the well building demolished. This project was completed successfully with the assistance of LTP Enterprises, Inc., of Fargo, North Dakota. Attached are several pictures of Well #7 being sealed. The completion of this project removes an entry point for contamination to the highly-sensitive Aquifer and helps preserve the water quality of the Aquifer for future generations. Funding for the sealing of the well was provided by the Minnesota Department of Health 


FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (3.jpg)3.jpgPulling of Pump of Well #742 Kb
Download this file (Copy of SAM_0294.JPG)Copy of SAM_0294.JPGPumping of Cement into Well #752 Kb
Download this file (Copy of SAM_0296.JPG)Copy of SAM_0296.JPGWell #7 Sealed52 Kb
Download this file (Copy of SAM_0309.JPG)Copy of SAM_0309.JPGDemolition of Building49 Kb
Download this file (Copy of SAM_0327.JPG)Copy of SAM_0327.JPGReseeding area58 Kb
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