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The Buffalo Aquifer

Below is a map of
the Buffalo Aquifer.
Public Input

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The creation of a management plan for the Buffalo Aquifer is designed to be a very public process with plenty of opportunity for all stakeholders, including cities, townships, Clay County, landowners, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The participating organizations will be making several presentations at local public meetings. When possible, these presentations will be video-taped and posted on this Web site to allow anyone interested to hear the presentation and view the discussion between the participants and the governing boards.

Questions or Comments?

If you have a question or a comment, you can submit them by contacting Kristofer Knutson. Kris is the Water Division Manager for Moorhead Public Service and Project Manager for this project. Click Here for Kris' contact information. Please note: please include your name and address if you would like your comments to be recorded as "official."

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